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"Technobank of Georgia " since 1998 develops some kinds of  inertial   generators which work on energy of centrifugal acceleration and a whirlwind. 
 The similar generator on the basis of our drawings but only with the changed arrangement of pulleys has been made by  Tariel Kapanadze in 2001:
But quantity and an arrangement of flywheels as well as interposition of pulleys  does not change essence of the invention and its  level of technics in any way...
Main principle of our innovation are already used by many companies. For example  E-MAG:
Or Empasys:
And the some people appropiated   our innovation with change of the form or the center of weights of a flywheel - for example Antonio Romero several months ago:
 Therefore parameters of their variants are very inefficient. Almost in all "innovations" the effect of the lever is directed against centrifugal acceleration. And in a variant of mister Romero the flywheel "has not enough" weight - the author has simply changed the form of a flywheel to receive a "new" level of technics. The some people use hinged cargoes. It enables to receive more capacities, but vibrating loadings  are so great, that the resource of all device decreases very much: both bearings and a skeleton will collapse so frequently, that expenses for their replacements will block a prize... 
Except for that authors of these analogues cannot explain the reason of occurrence of superfluous energy with original theoretical hypotheses. 
 Our generators are developed on the basis of the real theory - therefore they have ideal proportions and the minimal weight.  
We have copyright certificates and patents on 3 basic  kind of such generator.
The theoretical substantiation of these engines can be looked in the File Catalog. This theory is written at such level, that each person who understands elementary physics, can understand it. 
 By theoretical analogy alongside with mechanical versions electrodynamic and aerodynamic variants are already developed. But they meanwhile are at a level of hypotheses. 
If you will wish to invest in these projects it is possible to address on a е-mail:
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